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Sites that I have been involved as a primary developer, designer and/or content writer have been reviewed in Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine, Yahoo! The Ultimate Desk Reference book, Maxim Online, Mary-Kate and Ashley magazine, The Web Magazine, The Detroit Free Press, The News-Herald, New Age Journal, and numerous other print and online publications.


AromaWeb is a frequently referenced informational Web site that supplies extensive content and coverage of essential oil usage and the field of holistic aromatherapy.

Founded in 1997 by Wendy Robbins, AromaWeb serves millions of visitors annually. It is widely considered the most well-established, objective, brand-neutral, informational essential oil and holistic aromatherapy Web site presented in the English language.

AromaWeb is operated by AromaWeb, LLC, a Michigan corporation presided by and operated by its founder, Wendy Robbins.

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