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Visual Basic Portfolio

During 1996-1997, I created a popular freeware application called HTMLColorMaster using Microsoft Visual Basic. HTMLColorMaster is a collection of three integrated color utilities that were indispensable to Web designers and developers. Unlike a lot of Hex <-> RGB color converters available at the time, HTMLColorMaster featured some very useful tools within the Color Coordinator utility including a "Snap to Color-Safe" mode and the ability to instantly see how each selected color will look as background, textual, unvisited, visited and active links. Although HTML editors such as Dreamweaver and FrontPage have their own integrated color tools, HTMLColorMaster remains indispensible for those that rely on textual editors such as EditPlus, ColdFusion Studio or HomeSite.

Download HTMLColorMaster Version 2.0
(Requires Windows platform and ZIP utility to decompress)

To use HTMLColorMaster, simply download, unzip and then launch the HTMLCMv2.exe application file. If you receive an alert that VB40032.DLL isn't installed on your PC, please download the below file, unzip and then place the dll file in your C:\Windows\System directory.

Download VB40032.DLL
(Requires ZIP utility to decompress)

Application Screenshots

Below is a selection of screenshots taken of HTMLColorMaster in action.


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